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          首頁>>細胞生物學>>無血清和特殊培養基>>Poloxamer 188
          Poloxamer 188
          • 產品貨號:
          • 中文名稱:
            Poloxamer 188
          • 英文名稱:
            Poloxamer 188
          • 品牌:
          • 貨號




          • 13-901-CI

            6 x 100 mL




            Technical Advantage:
          •   Specialized for use in insect cell culture Poloxamer 188 is a surfactant used in cell culture to protect cells in suspension against possible damage during transfer, freezing and thawing, and stirring.  It is a non-ionic detergent with an average molecular weight of 8400Da consisting of a central polyoxypropylene flanked by two polyoxyethylene molecules. Poloxamer 188 is equivalent to Pluronic? F-68.

          • -  Complete Certificate of Analysis available for each production lot.

          • -  Produced under the highest industry standards to ensure superior results Pluronic? is a registered trademark of BASF Corporation.  10% Solution. Corning media certificates are available on our Resource Library.

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